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The UK's leading subsidence repair company.

We use our advanced geopolymer resin to solve subsidence issues in just 1-2 days without the disruption and cost of traditional underpinning. The clean, hassle-free solution to subsidence & sinking floors. Carbon Footprint Certified.
Say goodbye to sinking floors and cracks. Trust Geobear for quick and affordable subsidence solutions!

Subsidence and ground improvement expertise for your home.

Subsidence happens because the existing foundations are no longer able to fully support the weight of your home. Identifying subsidence early can save you thousands in extensive repairs and any further damage. The first and most obvious signs of subsidence are cracks on walls. Subsidence cracks tend to be wider than a ten pence piece which is roughly 3mm wide.

If you do notice some of these subsidence signs, then talk to us.
It is essential to seek advice to tackle the issue and to prevent further damage to your property.

Roads & Highways
Ports & Airports
Our solutions consolidate the underlying ground and increase its bearing strength, resulting in long-term foundation support.
We improve the strength of the ground beneath foundations in order to add loads, without any excavation.
Our geopolymer forms a water barrier to prevent the migration of water into a site. Seal and protect your structure.
Improve the bearing capacity of existing foundations to accommodate additional current or future loading.
Restore support. Our range of materials can fill pipelines, tunnels, sinkholes, culverts, basements, and voids.

Key advantages of our solution:

1. Fast and non disruptive. Minimal disruption to your home whilst the work is carried out. 

2. We are a carbon neutral organisation. Certified by the Carbon Footprint.

3. Our work is Guaranteed. We offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, providing a full materials and workmanship guarantee.

4. Peace of mind.
Industry-leading technology and expertise for long-lasting results.

5. Finance options available.
We accept payment via card and can accept customer finance agreements.

Our recent awards for innovation & excellence

Why choose Geobear for your ground and structural engineering problems?

Most jobs are completed in just 1-2 days.

Our work is guaranteed for 10 years, you’ll receive an insurance-backed guarantee for the work

We issue a Certificate of Structural Adequacy after the work has been completed and inspected

Geobear holds a BBA certification and a ISO accreditation


Faster Solution

We offer a non-invasive, fast way to address and repair subsidence. We mobilise quickly resulting in less disruption to you. We isolate areas for treatment to allow you to stay in your home throughout the process.


Less Carbon

We have been certified by Carbon Footprint, they concluded that Geobear's Geopolymer Injection service produces 53.02% less emissions than the traditional method.


More Cost Effective

The overall process is more cost-effective thanks to the avoidance of excavation and digging. Your home will be left clean and tidy, there is no construction work at all.

Home subsidence repair: Faster, cheaper and better for the environment with our low carbon solution.

Our simple injections of material into the ground under your home cures subsidence permanently.We invented this process and we’ve been doing it for almost 40 years, completing 200,000 projects. In that time we’ve perfected the materials we use and the process. We inject our material as a liquid and it expands turning as solid as concrete which compacts the soils. There is no digging or excavation and none of the horror stories you come across with underpinning.

Traditional Underpinning
Traditional underpinning require major ground works and expense. Additional costs for excavation.
The process can take weeks once preparation and curing and clean up is taken into account.
The property must be declared as a "Previously Underpinned Property" (PUP) which often sells for 80% of the market value.
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Geopolymer Injection Solution
No need to move out. No costly excavation, works carried out in just 1-2 days.
No need to wait for days for concrete to cure. Our solution hardens in an hour.
Geopolymer injection is far more cost effective. No need to declare works. 100% of market value for property resale value.

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Compared to a traditional underpinning this was a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. We were very pleased with the service offered by Geobear.


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