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Floor re-levelling & structural stabilisation without any business interruption

For 40 years we've been helping businesses and services to continue operating while repairing sinking floors and remediating structural movement. Our non-disruptive ground engineering solutions will stabilise, support and extend concrete slabs in factories, commercial units and logistics centres.

Ground engineering and Geo-technical experts.

Our solutions are appropriate for any type of structure and are more economical than traditional methods.
We offer the best solutions for varied ground conditions and situations. Geobear improves bearing capacity and re-levelling solutions. Talk to us about your uneven floors, concern over future settlement, inadequate bearing capacity, voiding under floors, differential settlement or cracked walls and structures.

Roads & Highways
Ports & Airports
Expansive Geopolymer used to re-level, lift or stabilise sunken/rocking concrete slabs. Correcting structural defects.
Our solutions consolidate the underlying ground and increase its bearing strength, resulting in long-term foundation support.
We improve the strength of the ground beneath foundations in order to add loads, without any excavation.
Our geopolymer forms a water barrier to prevent the migration of water into a site. Seal and protect your structure.
Improve the bearing capacity of existing foundations to accommodate additional current or future loading.
Restore support. Our range of materials can fill pipelines, tunnels, sinkholes, culverts, basements, and voids.

Advantages of the geopolymer injection method

1. Fast and non disruptive. Minimal disruption to your business whilst ensuring operational continuity. 

2. We are a carbon neutral organisation. We use eco-friendly materials that have minimal impact on the environment.

3. Design led engineered solutions.
We offer bespoke solutions for unique infrastructure problems, ensuring the best possible outcome.

4. Our work is guaranteed.
We offer performance bonds that offer greater security and reliability.

Recent Awards for Innovation & Excellence

Why Choose Geobear for your ground and structural engineering problems?

We’re the world’s leading expert in non disruptive ground engineering using the geopolymer injection process. We invented the process. Nobody knows more about it than we do. For 40 years, Geobear has carried out over 200,000 projects.


Faster Solution

We offer a non-invasive, fast way to address re-levelling that puts your business back in operation faster with less disruption. We mobilise quickly resulting in minimal delays and expense to you.


Less Carbon

We have been certified by Carbon Footprint, they concluded that Geobear's Geopolymer Injection service produces 53.02% less emissions than the traditional method.


More Cost Effective

The overall process is more cost-effective thanks to the avoidance of major excavation. there's no need to relocate, remove machinery or racking. Our solution means little to no loss of revenue due to down time.

Sustainable Ground Engineering:
Stabilising foundations and providing structural stability.

Concrete floors in factories and logistics centres can sink due to a variety of reasons, including poor soil conditions, erosion, settlement, water damage and poor construction. Geobear, is an effective and non-invasive solution for addressing these issues and improving the stability and longevity of the concrete floor.

Traditional Piling Repairs
Additional costs for excavation. Access needed for construction equipment.
Traditional piling can take months once preparation and curing and clean up is taken into account.
Public faces disruption. Increased traffic congestion to surrounding area
Building image
Geopolymer Injection Solution
Non-invasive. No costly excavation, or heavy machinery required.
No need to wait for days for concrete to cure. Our solution hardens within an hour.
Long lasting and far more cost effective. Better for the environment.

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I am a Chartered Building surveyor specialising in building defects and I have used Geobear several times over the years to help resolve sunken floors and ground instability. I have always found them to be very professional and I would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to others.

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