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Ground Stabilisation and Asset Life Extension Solutions

Our non-disruptive ground engineering solutions stabilise, support and extend the life of roads, railways, airports, ports and utilities due to weak ground and subsidence which impacts on performance or safety.

Geotechnical expertise across all sectors

We provide geotechnical expertise that offer the best solutions for varied ground conditions and situations. Geobear improves bearing capacity, provides structural underpinning, and re-levelling solutions. Other services include vibration reduction, water exclusion, void filling and embankment stabilisation. We have experts across all major infrastructure sectors including roads, railways, airports and utilities.

Roads & Highways
Ports & Airports
Expansive Geopolymer used to re-level, lift or stabilise sunken/rocking concrete slabs. Correcting structural defects.
Our solutions consolidate the underlying ground and increase its bearing strength, resulting in long-term foundation support.
We improve the strength of the ground beneath foundations in order to add loads, without any excavation.
Our geopolymer forms a water barrier to prevent the migration of water into a site. Seal and protect your structure.
Improve the bearing capacity of existing foundations to accommodate additional current or future loading.
Restore support. Our range of materials can fill pipelines, tunnels, sinkholes, culverts, basements, and voids.

Advantages of the geopolymer injection method

1. Fast and Non-invasive. Minimal disruption to your business whilst ensuring operational continuity. 

2. Environmentally friendly method of ground improvement, generates very little waste or by-products.

3. Long-lasting: geopolymer has excellent resistance to chemical and physical degradation.

4. Tailored Solutions: Customised to fit the specific needs of each project and tailored to the soil conditions.

5. Our work is guaranteed: We offer performance bonds that offer greater security and reliability.

Airport slabs

Recent Award wins for Innovation

Why Choose Geobear for your ground and structural engineering problems?

We’re the world’s leading expert in non disruptive ground engineering using the geopolymer injection process. We invented the process. Nobody knows more about it than we do. For 40 years, Geobear has carried out over 200,000 projects.


Faster Solution

We offer a non-invasive, fast way to address re-levelling that puts your assets back in operation faster with less disruption to the public. We mobilise quickly resulting in minimal delays to traffic & disruptive services.


Less Carbon

We have been certified by Carbon Footprint, over a 120 year scenario, our treatments resulted in the overall avoidance of 47.56% carbon emissions. Good for the environment and for the community.


More Cost Effective

The overall process is more cost-effective thanks to the avoidance of excavation and consequent prolonged road, rail or port closures. The socio-economic impact to the local community is also minimised.

Maintaining key infrastructure across roads, rail and airports:

Maintaining the roads and airport infrastructure is critical to the growth and stability of the economy. Regular maintenance and repairs is a key factor in reducing costly repairs. Our geopolymer injection method is faster, more sustainable and less disruptive than traditional methods in keeping the transport network and infrastructure running.

Traditional Concrete Slab Repair
Additional costs for excavation. Heavy machinery required.
The process can take weeks once preparation and curing and clean up is taken into account.
Public faces disruption. Increased traffic congestion to surrounding area
Geopolymer Injection Solution
No costly excavation, or heavy machinery required.
No need to wait for days for concrete to cure. Our solution hardens in an hour.
Far more cost effective. Reduced road works and traffic congestion.

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We selected Geobear for the speed of the solution, the efficiency of the solution, and because safety is critical to what we wanted to do. We’ve done a lot of work collaboratively with Geobear. It was about finding the right solution, and we believe we have found it.

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